One colorful brush stroke at a time....

  Karen will paint just about anything. She is a master of paint manipulation and is skilled at creating textures across all mediums and surfaces. She has applied specialized techniques to walls, cabinetry, furniture, fabrics, canvas, accessories and paper. Her work adorns many custom homes, hangs on walls across the globe and is used everyday on the surfaces of functional art. Karen's art has been displayed in solo and group shows as well as Popup events.

  She has a love of the natural world and flora and fauna are often subjects of her work. Karen also has a fascination for clouds and the ocean. Her dreamy watercolour landscapes are popular pieces. Known for her colourful works, she is now experimenting with tonal palettes and line work.

  Karen creates in many styles, from detailed and controlled portrait work, to loose, bold, large abstracts and floral paintings. She is happy to create a custom piece for you. Commercial and residential commissions are accepted.

Mural design and execution is also available.

*All images and designs are copyrighted by Karen June Booth and may not be shared or copied without permission.*

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