Textile Art and Surface Design

  Karen has been hand painting and designing fabrics for over 30 years. She has produced one-of-a-kind painted          tshirts and clothing, yard goods, cushions and bedding for boutiques, high end home décor shops and private commissions. Karen designed a watercolour inspired fabric for Snugli Canada which was used on their diaper bag and baby carrier line.

  Karen has been transferring some of her painted images onto beautiful fabrics using the digital process. These fabrics are luxurious, colorfast and durable. Products range from Yoga Wear, Kimonos, Cushion Covers, Cases, Bags, Dresses and Tops. She can custom design a pattern or colour combination to suit your project or personal needs. Karen is also producing hand painted fabrics which are currently being converted to home décor accessories, bags, cosmetic cases, wallets and fashions.

*All images and designs are copyrighted by Karen June Booth and may not be shared or copied without permission*